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Watch: Colby Howell, a star athlete senior at @HelenaBengals seen in racist Tik Tok Video #HelenaHighchool #TikTokRacist

The Daily News has obtained an 8 second clip of a high school senior identified as Colby Howell engaging in alarmingly disgusting racist behaviour. In the video, Howell depicts the video as “how to get rid of ashy elbows” before imitating what black people go through during typical cases of police overreach and brutality.

Normally we don’t show these types of videos here but because they’re becoming the new thing among racist white young folks in America….

We’ve confirmed that Howell is a senior at Helena High School in Montana. Multiple sources tell The Daily New that Howell may be headed to Yale in the fall. We’ve reached out to Helena High School and Yale for comment on this video.

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