Pornhub ‘s parent company has admitted to profiting off of human and sex trafficking

Pornhub (which previously denied any wrongdoing in connection to its activities) has come clean about its past. According to reports, Aylo has admitted for the first time that it knowingly profited off of human and sex trafficking.

Ongoing investigations and the federal case against Pornhub has come to a shocking admission by the site’s parent company. According to CNN, Aylo has openly admitted that it enjoyed significant monetary gains off the back of human and sex trafficking because of its association with a known trafficking group.

Even with the admission that they profited from trafficking, the government did not actually accuse Aylo of any wrongdoing but did say that the company should’ve known better. Court documents posted online fshow that Aylo ‘s troubles began in 2017 after it was made aware of a federal lawsuit against a production company who filmed a number of women under misleading pretenses.

In the case, it is also revealed that around this time Aylo received a number of takedown requests involving the videos in the weeks prior to said suit but did not investigate them al..

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