It’s time we talk about that Youtube Mommy Vlogger Ruby Franke

This week it was pretty hard to escape the name Ruby Franke on social media mostly because people were not-so-shocked that Franke had finally been arrested after years of so-called child abuse allegations. This week, however, those allegations became reality after one of her children reportedly showed up to their neighbors begging for help appearing malnourished at the time.

The saga of Ruby Franke and those longstanding child abuse allegations got a whole lot darker this week. On Wednesday, Franke and her podcasting partner Jodi Hildebrand were arrested and later charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse.

Both women were arrested Wednesday after an incident occurred in whiwhc saw Franke ‘s child run to the neighbors asking for help particularly if they could have some food or water. People Magazine reports that the neighbors reportedly told police that the child in question had appeared very malnourished and was badly injured. Scrapes and cuts were so severe on the child they were later taken to a nearby hospital for further evaluation while another child in Franke ‘s care was also found in similar conditions.

The news was not at all shocking to Franke ‘s online community. For years, Franke has long been accused of child abuse and neglect in variating forms. Franke was brought down after a 911 call from the neighbor placed to police revealed what happened when the child escaped and asked for help.

Some of the content otherwise found in many of Franke ‘s online videos and podcasts actually fgo against our Terms of Service barring us from posting them direcctly here. You can click here to view a Google doc by Franke ‘s daughter that lays bare the extensive and horrifying allegations against her.

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