Influential journalist Yashar Ali has had his income seized in an effort to force him to repay debt to Getty heiress

If you’ve been on social media in the past several years, chances are you’ve read an article by Yashar Ali even if you didn’t realize it. The famed columnist is back in the headlines once more over his reported serious financial issues and one debt he owes to a Getty heiress.

A California judge has ruled that journalist Yashar Ali must fork over all of his earnings to the tune of $230,000 until he repays one Ariadne Getty.

California judge Michael Stern ruled that Getty is legally entitled to Ali’s earnings from his journalistic work, Substack subscriptions and reader donations. Initially, it was thought that Geetty agreed to loan the troubled journalist the money only for him to default on paying it back just after two payments. Ali was supposed to pay her back to the tune of $500 in incremental payments but didn’t even do that.

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