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If Iran won’t meet women at the table to cease its barbaric policies, the Iranian government must fall and it will

Ducking all accountability and avoiding meeting protesters at the table for discussions, Iranian authorities are instead taking other countries to task over what they claim are ‘direct involvements’ in what helped spark the protests, to begin with (untrue.) Protests have raged across Iran in recent weeks following the state-sponsored murder of Mahsa Amini. Amini was notoriously pulled off the streets of Tehran by the country’s infamous ‘morality police and taken to a re-education centre for lessons on so-called ‘modesty.’

The problem is that Amini ended up dead under dark and mysterious circumstances that appear to suggest that the Iranian government and its barbaric ‘police’ unit may have killed her.

Anti-government protests have raged ever since and women across the country are defying orders to cover up or else.

Now though, Iranian authorities and its morality police are suing the United States for what it says was their involvement in helping the protests along. American president Joe Biden has made it clear that the Americans stand with the women of Iran who are ‘demonstrating’ for their right to live ordinary peaceful lives without the intervention of men. These protests are likely to end one of two ways — the government will either have to meet the protesters at the table or the protesters likely will topple the Iranian government forever.

The state agency IRNA reported on Saturday that the Justice Department “has been tasked to file a lawsuit in order to investigate the damages and meddling inflicted by the US’s direct involvement in the unrest.”

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