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Here’s the latest on Iran’s crackdown on protests and social media

As deadly anti-government protests and civil unrests continue in Iran, the government spent their New Years holiday  cracking down on the ability to communicate with others in the country.  According to several users who managed to flee Iran, apps like Instagram and Telegram are still blocked as of this writing in the region.

The Daily News has learned that the protests apparently started among young people, and,  then  found themselves involving everybody who was anybody in the country. President Rouhani, a known and documented Islamic dictator,  isn’t the biggest of personalities in the country — so much so — that people especially the young have been heard chanting “down with the Islamic dictator”.

Among the biggest crackdowns, Telegram,  an app that is widely popular and used by nearly half of the population.    Experts put the use of Telegram at nearly 50% of the population, which, is pretty astounding for a single social media app — in a country where social media isn’t often allowe3d to be used.

Meanwhile,  it appears that Google has placed hefty internet restrictions throughout the country.   Activists and protesters have demanded that the internet search giant release restrictions, so, people can continue to protest as they wish — without corporate or government intervention.

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