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Newly released records show Bolsonaro lied about never charging a dime to his government credit card

Newly released records as part of a public information campaign in Brazil have revealed that Jair Bolsonaro in fact used his government credit card despite having previously claimed not having done so. According to the Guardian, Bolsonaro racked up a credit card bill of more than $5m with a ton oof those purchases being none other than ice cream and food.

The records were released after current President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva overturned a 100-year ban Bolsonaro had oddly put in place over presidential expenditures (presumably to hide his) letting out to the public records from the country’s last four presidencies, stretching back to 2003, per the Guardian. The Guardian notes that nearly two dozen people including Bolsonaro himself had access to the credit card.

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