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Taliban: Women are slaves and they aren’t to be educated unless we say so

Taliban officials would like the world to butt out of its war against women. Amid international backlash over the sudden decision to bar women from university, the terrorist cell has come out on the defense over its own decision citing that the west should just butt out. But a huge portion of the condemnation also comes from its own member states in the Muslim world Qatar; Saudi Arabia, and several others. This is the second time that the Taliban has taken action against young girls and women effectively making them slaves to the men in their life at home.

Nida Mohammad Nadim the minister of education and one of the terrorist regime’s top officials told the AP that the move came because women were effectively showing up to school well independent and free. In fact, Nida also claimed to the AP that women were openly studying varying topics including agriculture and other things that they ‘shouldn’t be studying’ because such goes against Islam. It’s worth noting that Nida is an active opponent of all female education regardless of the standards according to publicly available information about the terrorist member.

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