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Elon Musk has a secret he’d probably like to keep taken to the grave. According to a securities and exchange commission filing, the new owner of Twitter has some shady characters who helped him finance his hostile takeover of Twitter. The filing reveals that one of the largest known investors in Twitter is none other than Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed.

Alwaleed is understood to have transferred $1.9B worth of Twitter shares to Elon Musk’s newly minted private company they now controls Twitter. The revelations of course are sparking questions as to who now has direct influence over one of the most visited websites on earth.

A little internet digging revealed that Alwaleed’s holding company the Kingdom Company is heavily financed and partially controlled by none other than the Sovereign Wealth Fund. Most are probably aware that the SWF is controlled by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman — the Arabian dictator believed to have ordered the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi. The SWF reportedly stands at a 17% stake in the holding company that Alwaleed used to transfer shares of Twitter to Musk.

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