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Liz Truss is proving to be the exact nightmare people said she would be for the U.K it probably will get much worse

Prime Minister Liz Truss is shaping up to be the nightmare from hell people including her opponent in the election said she would be. As the pound has finally stabilized, Truss continues to face a trove of issues and concerns amid a battle to prove she has what it takes to lead the U.K in the right direction. New concerns however are rising that Truss ‘s leadership will fail to raise benefits at a time in which inflation is soaring (like many parts of the world) which would mean a massive cut to said benefits for the first time in eons actually.

The government had previously promised earlier this year to raise universal credit benefits and working age benefits so that they’d be in line with rising inflation. Truss, however, remains unclear whether or not she intends to allow such to happen. Charities across the board are already signalling how bad an idea this actually is which likely would trigger an even larger crisis than in what is already present. Of course, many of these new concerns can be traced back to the disastrous budget announcement that came last week that to the surprise of nobody, and we mean this literally, announced generous tax cuts for the rich. Within hours of the announcement, a near-total financial meltdown occurred.

Initially, it was believed that the start of the promise meant that by April of next year benefits would rise about 10% to keep up with soaring costs. However, it is now believed that Truss ‘s government will instead raise benefits by only about 5.4% rather than the initial thought of amount. The Guardian spoke to several experts and charities who’ve outlined how bad of a move this would be and would actually cause people to lose part of their own incomes rather than gain.

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