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  1. What’s on TV tonight?

This might sound like the craziest thing but we found this show called Queen of Flow on Netflix but we had no idea that each season is eight two episodes long. This is perhaps one of the best international shows we’ve seen in many years. Bingeworthy alert.

Rating: A

2. As expected Biden won the Michigan primary despite some efforts to secure ‘uncommitted’ votes in the election.

Despite growing efforts to secure Democratic ‘uncommitted’ votes Joe Biden handily won the Democratic primary in Michigan. The win all but guarantees that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are indeed set for a rematch in November with democracy on the line now more than ever.

3. Donald Trump once again defeated Nikki Haley this time in the Republican primary

Despite growing concern that Donald Trump is unfit to be the GOP nominee for President, Trump trounced Nikki Haley in Michigan ‘s GOP primary. The win guarantees that Trump is set to face off again with Joe Biden in the general election later this year in one of the most consequential American elections in history.

4. Despite continuing talks and back-and-forth, House speaker Mike Johnson is not budging on Ukraine aid even in the face of international pressure.

Despite international pressure, the United States remains gridlocked over continued financial support for Ukraine in the ongoing Russian invasion that has left the country in need. According to reports, despite renewed controversy and effort in Washington the fate of such aid remains in the handsof Mike Johnson, who has repeatedly claimed No movements will be made on such aid until the so-called border crisis is addressed. Republicans however despite their claims have blocked nearly all recent efforts to fix the border crisis in recent years.

5. Wendy’s intends to try out surge pricing on some of its menu items and people have allot to say about that.

Fast food chain Wendy ‘s has announced that in the near future it intends to begin trying out surge pricing on some of its menu items including burgers. You’re reading that right according to the chain they intend to charge for burgers based on demand. In Wendy ‘s instance, the chain announced that during lunch hour burgers may cost as much as $1 more sparking widespread criticism on social media. Some users pointed out that Wendy ‘s is largely considered mediocre fast food and not worth such a pricing model.

6. The latest in Gaza

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