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Bazaar Express: Republicans had a disastrous day in Washington, what’s on TV tonight, plus more top headlines by The Express

Last updated on 2024-02-08

Good evening everyone and welcome to this edition of The Express. A few words before we begin tonight. No single person should ever have complete immunity in a Democracy, those who seek it are the opposite of Democracy and therefore individual freedoms.

  1. What’s on TV tonight

Tonight we’re catching up on last week’s Law and Order Organized Crime and SVU which is back every Friday on Peacock.

  • Subscription required in order to watch either of these shows. It is no longer free to watch them.

2. Republicans had a disastrous day in Washington.

3. Republicans killed their own funding bill plus they killed the border deal let’s talk about that

Republicans have had quite the not-so-busy day in Washington. According to the Guardian, Republicans have effectively killed their own funding bill just hours after they also killed the Senate’s long awaited border bill. Republicans have already publicly declared that they do not want to hand Joe Biden a win and therefore killed both bills in an effor to stall Biden ‘s momentum among voters. Democrats and some critics have accused a number of lawmakers of bending to the whims of Donald Trump at the cost to their own constituents.

4. The latest in Gaza

5. The latest in Ukraine

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