Myanmar ‘s junta has announced that all men and women of certain age groups must now serve in the military to protect the junta rather than the nation

Myanmar ‘s ruling illegitimate military government has made some pretty hefty changes to the way military conscription works. According to reports, the junta announced over the weekend that it beginning yesterday is now going to force men between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five to serve and women between the ages of eighteen and twenty seven.

The Lowdown.

The announcement comes as Myanmar ‘s junta continues to struggle to beat back strong opposition against its illegitimate rule. Myanmar lost its rightfully elected government a while back after the junta overthrew the dully-elected government and seized total power.

Men and women are required to serve at least two years in general terms with up to 5 years service in a state of emergency if the junta chooses to forcibly extend said conscriptions. Myanmar is currently in a state of emergency over its failure to address the opposition rather than trying to quash it. Doctors and specialists of similar professional stature up to the age of 45 are required to serve up to 3 years whether they like it or not.

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