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The fall of Novak could not have come at a worse time for Hungary. In recent times, Hungary has been accused of everything from dismantling democratic organizations to outright clobbering opposition. We can according to a resignation speech by Novák add supporters of child predators to this list.

The Lowdown

As reported yesterday, shock news out of Hungary following a report that revealed she helped cover-up sexual abuse at a state run’s children home and then pardoned the rapist behind the attacks. According to what we’ve learned from the case, Novák’s soft spot for predators began in 2004 where the unidentified man was initially accused of sexually abusing ten young children. Katalin’s infamous pardon came in April 2023 which she totally kept from the public until the press revealed it.

But it gets much worse. The disgraced politician allegedly used her office from that point on to keep an eye on and direct the investigation into the man. Some reports suggest that despite mounting evidence against the guy and a later three year prison sentence — Novák proceeded with the pardon that she quietly kept from the public.

In one report, it is said that Novák had a close working relationship with the man from the onset of the abuse in 2004 till about 2016.

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