The Morning: Trump sweeps Nevada, what’s on TV tonight, Kansas has losts its freaking mind, Prince William has addressed King Charles cancer diagnosis, plus more top stories this morning

Good morning everyone and welcome to this edition of The Morning by Bazaar Express. No matter where you are we hope you’re having a swell day. A question we have for everyone today, in a wildly divided world, what does it mean to you today to be alive?

NEVADA…. Nevada…Nevada…

  1. What’s on TV tonight

Tonight we are screening Argyle which hit theatres earlier this week. Full review expected this weekend.

2. Kansas has lost its mind

Kansas ‘s AG is attempting to force public schools in the state to out non-binary and trans students and out them at home. The move according to reports comes as the highly restrictive state moves to force kids out of the closet because officials claim it ‘violates’ parents rights not to know that their children may be different than other kids in class. AP reports that the AG Kris Kobach is attempting to force this into play though there is no specific law requiring such to happen. The further threats against LGBTQ+ youth come as GOP states across the United States continue to erode the idea that humans exist and each of us are different and grow into be very different people than those around us.

3. Prince William has addressed King Charles cancer diagnosis

4. A report by the special counsel investigating Biden ‘s holding onto classified information has people talking.

But remember folks if Biden is too old so is Donald Trump.


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