Nikki Haley: I will sell out the United States and pardon Donald Trump if elected says GOP candidate during disastrous NH appearance

GOPer Nikki Haley is making all kinds of headlines after a disastrous appearance in New Hampshire. Disastrous in essence is putting it lightly against the backdrop of claims of historical erasure and her not so shocking admission that she’d set Donald Trump free.

Nikki Haley is the latest GOPer to awkwardly stumble through historical questions about topics they otherwise attempt to avoid all together. During an appearance in New Hampshire, Haley appeared in a chat with a 9 year old who took her to task calling her a a mini John Kerry pretty much.

The Lowdown

Haley in the discussion admitted a few things that most people should pay close attention to. Among those which you can find below in the video of the discussion, included an admission she’d pardon Trump and of course an attempt to erase the true cause of the civil war.

Neither of which are landing very well.

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