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Key takeaways from the latest on Donald Trump ‘s criminal cases plus DC case gets a trial date as Trump fumes online against ‘deep state’

Welcome to Monday and a new edition of the latest updates in the case against Donald Trump, the former American President who attempted to subvert the country’s election for his own personal gain (also known as a coup.)


Special counsel Jack Smith has won their attempt to get a trial going in January 2024. Smith had long requested that time period in an effort to coincide with the significant public interest in a speedy trial. Trump for his part had attempted to move the trial clear beyond 2026 long believed to have been an effort to push it back in the event he is elected president. Smith’s case is a federal case and federal cases can be pardoned state cases cannot be pardoned.

Elsewhere around that particular time, Trump is also set to stand trial in March 4th 2024 in New York in connection to 34 charges that he falsified numerous business records. The case of that infamous hush-money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels continues to be a key point in the case against him. This is one day before Super Tuesday and is expected to have dramatic consequences for the future of his campaign.

In Monday ‘s hearing down in Georgia, Mark Meadows is desperately trying to move his portion of the case from state level to federal level (assuming Trump were to win the Presidency, it is not hard to figure out why he is doing this.) During the hearing, Meadows took in an unusual manner the stand on his own accord to make the case. Meadows argued that he should be allowed immunity because he was acting on behalf of the United States Government (alas Trump.)

Prosecutors were quick to grill Meadows on how in any capacity that the federal government had a role in a state’s determination of its election result.

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