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It’s a new week and that means the Georgia case against Donald Trump is kicking into gear, here’s what to expect during expected hearing at 10am

Tomorrow at approximately 10am criminal defendant Donald Trump will have his case technically begin in a courtroom for the first time. Fulton County DA Fani Willis is expected to argue her case before the judge.

But major tests are ahead for Fulton County and Willis whom are now tasked with the extraordinary feat of prosecuting a former President. Some of the defendants in the case, particularly Mark Meadows, have attempted to make the lead up to the initial hearings rather difficult.

As it goes, reports indicate that Meadows far flung request to move the case to federal court is actually the topic of the hearing. By moving it to federal court, that essentially removes Fulton County all together and opens up the possibility of a pardon if Trump wins the Presidency. That’s important because as a state case — none of the 19 people can be pardoned.

Tomorrow’s hearing could go either way and it could have very real consequences for the case not to mention the future of the case against Donald himself. Meadows is by reports attempting to use an immunity clause that he claims shields him from prosecution because he was acting on behalf of the government.

Several key defendants in the case have both asked for a speedy trial and others have asked for similar motions to be filed. Some reports suggest Donald himself is also poised to file the same motion.

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