Afghanistan ‘s food problem proves that people who seem to ascend to whatever form of government do not give a crap, millions are about to go severely hungry because of it

Food situations in Afghanistan are so dire and widespread the Taliban are back in the news because of it. According to the World Food Programme, millions of innocent Afghan people are about to go hungry because the Taliban refuses to restore rights to women so they can have an income alongside their family. This is not a joke people — if you think this can’t happen in the rest of the world you need to wake up.

If the world was truly a fair and equal place there would’ve been some form of a justice system to bring these governments down. This should be a crime against humanity but the fact it is not to some speaks volumes.

According to reports, the food scarcity problem in Afghanistan only continues to get worse ahead of an a winter that is expected to be brutal. This week the WFP announced that due to severe budget shortfalls it can only feed at max 3m locals a month. The result of this is going to be widespread hunger worse than it already is and the Taliban does not care. In an interview, a Taliban rep proclaimed that if restoring aid meant giving basic rights to some it simply would not happen.

New Arab reports that the WFP HAS FOUND that it is likely 15.8m people across the country will experience severe food insecurity before March. A shattering 7m+ of those people are children whose mothers are not permitted to work for no other reason than the fact they are a woman.

Afghanistan should not be forgotten.

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