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The Evening: SCOTUS to decide if Donald Trump is immune from prosecution, the latest in Gaza, what’s on TV tonight, feds expect rate cuts in 24′, plus more headlines by Bazaar Daily

Good evening everyone and welcome to this edition of The Evening (sometimes also called Bazaar Express.)

  1. Feds expect 3 rate cuts next year in response to declining inflation.

Despite what Republicans and GOPers would like people to think (its an election year so propaganda and lies is in full swing) inflation in fact is falling again. According to reports, federal authorities expect rates to be cut at least 3 times next year as a result of inflation improving. This goes against almost every recent claim made by the GOP in an effort to falsely claim otherwise for political gain.

2. What’s on TV tonight?

Tonight we are watching….

Blood Coast. If you’re into a little drug; corrupt cops, and a little thrilling action this one is definitely for you. It’s on Netflix.

Rating: B-

3. Videos from inside Gaza appear to prove that Israeli military soldiers are in fact ‘acting erratic’ and and maliciously towards civilians.

The AP has uncovered the story.

As calls grow for a ceasefire, Israel is losing international support for its war in Gaza because of the sheer number of Gazans that have died in the war. Israel maintains that it will continue its offensive despite the mounting death toll potentially alienating even more international allies. Several countries including Australia; New Zealand and others have all condemned Israel and even the United States is souring on the war.

This week the White House acknowledged that Netanyahu is teetering on a tight-rope internationally as allies are growing angry over the mounting death toll in the region.

4. Supreme Court is set to decide whether or not Donald Trump is immune from prosecution related to the federal election charges against him. The ruling if the court sides with Trump likely will have profound consequences for the United States and embolden the indicted criminal even further along with his base.

According to reports, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of Donald Trump ‘s argument that he is immune from prosecution. Special Counsel Jack Smith asked the court this week to expedite the decision on the matter as Trump continues to claim that he is somehow immune from prosecution having served as President.

We’d like to remind people that Donald Trump was not accused of insider-trading or something of this nature, he was accused of and has been charged with attempting to overthrow the 2020 Presidential election in his favour. This is not ok. This is not America. Donald Trump should not be immune from prosecution for attempting a coup.

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