Bazaar Express: It appears jury selection in Trump ‘s DC trial has begun, what’s on TV tonight, the latest in Gaza, plus more top headlines from The Express

Good evening everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express.

  1. According to reports, jury selection in Donald Trump ‘s federal trial in DC has begun.

According to NBC News, the selection process in the historic case has begun and is expected to be dramatic. Jurors have been questionnaires to determine if they are available to appear in February in person for further processing and determination of their suitability to serve in the March case.

2. Israel has now said that it intends to take security responsibilities of Gaza into its own hands after the war.

According to Israel ‘s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Israel intends to take military responsibilities over the Gaza strip when the war ends. It is a different route than earlier indicated when Israel indicated that it would not attempt to control Gaza following the war.

3. What’s on TV tonight?

Tonight we are actually turning off the television and headed to an event. We are screening Beyonce ‘s film after being invited to do so.

4. Hochul has set the date to replace George Santos after he was sensationally expelled from Congress over his lies.

New York ‘s Kathy Hochul has set the date for a House special election to fill the now-vacated seat previously held by George Santos. Santos was eliminated from Congress after it was found that his entire campaign was a sham. The election is expected to be a dramatic one given that Republicans must now defend the seat from Democratic challengers.

5. Joe Biden has acknowledged that if Trump was not in the race, he’d probably be at home with his family instead of running for President again.

CNN reports that during a high-dollar Democratic donor event Joe Biden acknowledged to supporters that he would not have announced his re-election campaign if Donald Trump were not also running. During the event, Biden made it clear that he is running to stop a 2nd Trump term which threatens the very existence of the United States as many know it presently.

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