The Afternoon: Israel ‘s war is now encasing all parts of Gaza, how to disable the ‘contact share’ thing on your iPhone that people are talking about, plus more headlines by The Afternoon

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  1. Israel ‘s attacks on Gaza are now encasing every part of the Gaza strip as civilians now have little if any places left to go.

The war in Gaza has resumed and Israel is now honing its attacks on all parts of the strip. With evacuation orders issued yesterday, attacks in various parts of the southern strip soon followed. Calls to end the war are once again growing as the entirety of Gaza ‘s population has been displaced by Israel ‘s war with Hamas.

2. Keep reading this is how you disable the function on your phone that would allow someone to bring their i-Phone close to yours and share contact information.

NOTE: This requires iOS17 or higher.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap AirDrop.
  4. Go to Start Sharing By.
  5. Toggle Bring Devices Together off.

This turns this off. It makes sense why some would be a little weary of that function. Stay safe folks.

3. The man believed to have savagely murdered 3 homeless people in Los Angeles has been identified and is due in court this morning.

Over the weekend, LA police had people asking questions following the discovery of 3 different homicides in the are all involving men. Now the identified and arrested suspect Jerrid Joseph Powell is due in court on Monday as cops continue to probe why he did it.

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