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Who is Omid Scobie? Meet the man at the centre of the royal race row that later led to the revelations that the call has always been coming from inside Buckingham Palace

Over the past few days it has been almost impossible to escape the name Omid Scobie. Omid Scobie is at the centre of the growing scandal over the revelations made in his book Endgame which accidentally published the real identities of the royals alleged to be racist.

With critics and the palace up in arms over the revelations, many are wondering who is the man behind the now infamous piece of work that threatens the very idea that the royal family are nice people.

Look no further.

Omid Scobie is a British journalist and non-fiction writer that has a rather long history of covering the royal family — so his newer works on the family do not come as that much of a surprise. However, Scobie ‘s earliest works like Finding Freedom were let’s say a tad less controversial than Endgame.

Scobie despite the appearance of potential conflicts of interests has a long history of working in journalism particularly on topics like the royal family. Early on, Scobie served as the Bureau Chief for Us Weekly on the royal family in London having served a decade in the role. This is perhaps why many are questioning Scobie ‘s motives having published a book like Endgame. He also served at Harper’s Bazaar and ABC News also both primarily focused on the royals at the time. He is 42 years old.

Where it went awry

Scobie is facing allegations that he is in cahoots with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in an effort to help nourish their public image so they can continue to make money. However, multiple reports surfaced Friday claiming that the Duke and the Duchess both staunchly deny said claim and that they did not leak a series of secret letters from the family to Scobie.

Scobie is now facing the real threat of legal action over the salacious claims that have now been printed across the world in print and online. Scobie maintains on his part that it was an accident that he had no part in and the publication was a translation error by those made it available in Dutch-language.

An investigation by the publisher also remains underway to determine how the names got published because it remains unclear if Scobie is being honest.

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