King Charles in first appearance since royal race row resurfaced claims he’s ‘alright’ as its revealed he and the Princess of Wales are allegedly unfriendly to different skin complexions

King Charles and the Princess of Wales were out today in support of an appearance amid their names revealed as the alleged royal racists. As we reported, the King and the Princess have been identified as the two who allegedly questioned how dark Prince Archie may come out.

The now infamous race claims made by the Duchess of Sussex and the Duke of Sussex are once again back in the headlines. Following the publication of Omid Scobie’s dramatic Endgame which was pushed out for sale earlier this week.

And then came the problems. As the book was released in the Netherlands, translated copies of the anticipated book contained the names of the two royals the Duchess of Sussex claimed questioned the complexion of the then future Prince Archie upon his birth. As many know, Prince Archie is half Black because of the Duchess.

The appearance came alongside Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden during an event at Windsor castle. During the appearance, it is reported that King Charles was cited as proclaiming he was alright amid the controversy.

Bazaar Daily has not independently verified these claims.

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