LETIZIA’s LOVER: Spain has been rocked by claims that Queen Letizia secretly had a wild affair with her brother-in-law as Royal Family puts on united front as questions mount

Shocking claims in Spain today as the brother-in-law of Queen Letizia has revealed jaw-dropping claims that the well-polished Queen may not be so well polished after all. Jaime Del Burgo claims that he had an affair with the Queen before he married her sister Telma.

Scandal has erupted inside Spain ‘s royal family. On Monday, shocking reports surfaced that the royal family has been concealing an extramarital affair. The affair between Letizia and her brother in law Mr Del Burgo allegedly took place just before his marriage to her sister, and, he has revealed a never-before-seen photograph of Letizia wearing a pashmina that belonged to him.

Queen Letizia allegedly has been unfaithful to King Felipe of Spain: Reports

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