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Meghan Markle ‘s father caught selling staged photos to the paparazzi

Photographs that were even offered this very newspaper and at least four of our   competing newspapers.    Thomas Markle, who is set to walk his daughter down the aisle next Thursday — has not publicly commented on the shocking video footage that surfaced online.

First reported by The Daily Mail,   Markle, had actually shopped the now infamous photographs to a number of newspapers — but most notably the Sunday papers.    He had apparently and allegedly visited an internet cafe  flanked by photographers, who,  were attempting to buy  the photographs for upwards of $135,000.

The Mail on Sunday obtained the footage after tipsters apparently tipped off the paper that Markle has been secretly shopping around photographs and Markle family secrets for weeks.  He is slated to arrive in England ahead of Meghan’s wedding at Windsor Castle on Saturday.


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