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X ‘s real situation with its advertisers and the *dozens* that are fleeing is a ton more bleak than Elon Musk is leading on

Elon Musk ‘s advertising problem is reportedly far worse than he is leading on to the public. The NYT got their hands on leaked documents that show it is far from just a few folks who’ve jumped ship as Musk and that Linda lady have implied on social media.

The New York Times is out today with a startling report on the real picture of Elon Musk ‘s X platform. In the report, The Times found that there are actually far more than just a small number of advertisers that left. In all actuality, the company has lost more than 100+ advertisers since Musk ‘s ill-advised tweet that suggested he endorsed a truly bizarre conspiracy theory about Jewish people (we won’t be talking about that here.)

Some of those companies include some pretty big players like Airbnb, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Jack in the Box, Microsoft, Netflix, and Uber. Though not all of the companies indefinitely suspended advertising, others dramatically reduced their spending in the days following Musk ‘s ignorant tweet.

The report estimates that Musk ‘s platform is on par to lose about $75m by year’s end.

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