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13 years later, Daily News Online lives on

And stronger than ever.    This year,   marks 13 years since I first launched what has now become Bazaar Daily News.   13 years ago with the help of someone I held dearly to my heart,  we set out with a list of goals and what we wanted out of our lives.

We wanted to be different.   We wanted to create a brand that would last generations to come,  a brand,  that would make history.   Today,  35 awards later,  3. 2 billion website visits on,   the same legacy we wanted to create has now been set.

I sit and think every day of the amazing opportunities I’ve been granted because of the blood and tears that have been shed to make this business happen.   As a minority,   I have made a difference.

I came from a world where nobody believed I could.   My secrets were my secrets,  my dreams,  were fodder to make fun of me.   Looking back at all the hard times I’ve faced – I learned an important lesson — on your elevator ride to the top  — your life will change much more than one could ever imagine.

I learned that your only true best friend is the person you see in the mirror.   When I found myself as a person,  a personality,  and a journalist — I needed nobody’s validation except for my own.

With 13 years under my belt,   I,  can say that I’m proud.  I’m proud as a minority male I defied the odds and am now riding high on my own successes — something nobody ever believed was possible. 

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