Daily News is preparing to launch Daily News America — But needs your help

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL —  Daily News Online is preparing to launch its much anticipated  U.S flagship, but, needs your help to launch it.  We’re hoping to raise at least $1,300 to help hire at least 4 people and  perfect the launch of our latest website.   We intend to commemorate our biggest donors with a ‘Thank You” page on our website dedicated to those who helped our U.S flagship become a reality.

The biggest donors of the bunch will be added as ‘Namesakes”  to the U.S flagship to show our gratitude. All gifts  start as small as $10.

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We ask that anybody who donates also shoots off an e-mail to [email protected] so we can send formal thank you letters.

Here’s what we want to do:

We want to bring “The Daily News” to America by:

Launching a full fledged newspaper online by hiring at least four editors; two photographers, and a news Editor & Chief.   We want the newspaper to be based in New York City, whereas, most of our British staff is actually based when in America.  We want to cover American topics just like we do for our British newspaper, but, on a much larger scale explicitly for our  American audience.



$10  A thank you letter from Mohammed SHK & Friends.

$50  –  Get your name in a dedication list on a separate page  in our newspaper just under the masthead and a personal Thank You letter from Mohammed SHK.

$100 or more.  Get your name in a dedication list; a Thank You letter, and your name added to the “Brought to You By” located in the bottom of our website.

$350 or more – All of the above.

$500 or more –  A chance to win a pair of Vintage Gucci Glasses; and all of the gifting levels listed above.


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