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Good morning everyone and welcome to Wednesday’s edition of Bazaar First.

  1. House Speaker Mike Johnson has managed to pass a stopgap funding bill that will fund parts of the gov’t until January and the other parts of said government until February.

After much back and forth over the contents of a spending bill, Republicans have managed to secure their first and only recent successful piece of legislation that did not die a slow-and-painful death on arrival in the Capitol. On Tuesday, the House passed with almost flying colours a CR (continuing resolution) that otherwise allows the stopgap bill to be pushed through. The Senate is expected to pass the bill before the shutdown deadline on Friday.

2. Israel and its IDF forces have entered Al-Shifa hospital in the battle against Hamas but maintains that it is taking extra effort to avoid civilians.

3. What’s on TV tonight?

The Gilded Age on Max. If you liked period dramas and or things like Downtown Abbey you might like one this one.

4. Man arrested in connection to the violent death of ice hockey player Adam Johnson: Cops

Police have announced a break in the case of the death of ice hockey player Adam Johnson. According to reports, Johnson died after an ice hockey game after his throat was slashed in London.

5. This is the one big thing that the new code of ethics by the U.S Supreme Court is missing.

The idea of an ethics code seems like a great idea if there was actually a mechanism to enforce said ethics code.

6. Music legend Andre 3000 is back.

But no its not like an actual album but still expected to be a great flute presentation. According to reports, the iconic musician has announced that a new project featuring some of their best flute work is coming down the pipeline.

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