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Ivanka Trump has lost her bid to stay far away from Donald Trump’s fraud trial in New York. On Thursday, the judge overseeing Trump’s case ruled that a subpoena to force her to testify can proceed. She must now comply and appear.

Donald Trump’s fraud trial is about to get a whole lot more interesting. According to a new ruling in the case, Judge Arthur Engron has denied a motion that sought to quash a subpoena seeking Ivanka to appear. Prosecutors have asked her to testify presumably due to how close in proximity she was to Donald’s personal business and finances.

An exact date of the testimony is unclear at this time.

One particular point of interest is that of the Old Post Office deal. Prosecutors in the case argue that during that deal Ivanka personally profited from the deal because she also had an alleged hand in securing the loan from Deutsche Bank for the very same project.

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