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Reader discretion is probably advised on this one.

The full testimony via his plea deal in the related extortion case where he tried to get $250k from her parents.

She asked to go back to her hotel but I was just trying to get dropped off a little bit further away from her hotel so we could walk back and I might still get a chance to be with her. 

That’s what I was hoping for. 

Deepak drops me off at another place, a little right of the Marriott Hotel known as The Fisherman’s Huts. This place is not far from, you know, the next hotel is the Marriott, and the next hotel after that is another Marriott, which is a timeshare.  And then it’s the Holiday Inn. We walk along the beach.

Deepak and Satish leave. They go back to their home,  assume they go back to their home. They get in their car and leave. I’m actually with Natalee, walking along the beach. I find a space before we get to the Marriott Hotel, where I lay her down, we lay down together in the sand and we start kissing each other. I get her to kiss me again and we start kissing each other. 

I start feeling her up again and she tells me no. She tells me doesn’t want me to feel her up. I insist. I keep feeling her up either way. She ends up kneeing me in the crotch. When she knees me in the crotch, I get up and I kick her extremely hard in the face.

She’s lying down unconscious, possibly even dead, but definitely unconscious. And I see right next to her there’s a huge cinderblock laying on the beach.

I take this and I smash her head in with it completely. Her face basically collapses in. Even though it’s dark, I can see her face is collapsed in.

Afterwards, I don’t exactly know, I’m scared. I don’t know what to do. I decide to put her into the ocean. So I grab her and I half pull and half walk with her into the ocean. I push her off. I walk up to about my knees into the ocean and I push her off into the sea. After that, I get out. I walk home.

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