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New details in the investigation into the disappearance of Carlee Russell are emerging. According to police, a series of internet searches performed by Russell have caught the attention of cops.

According to cops those internet searches include some pretty eye-popping terms. Cops say prior to her disappearance she searched for things like: paying for amber alerts, how to take money out of a register without getting caught, and very specifically the Liam Neeson movie Taken.

For those wondering, Taken is a Liam Neeson movie about a retired CIA agent that as the title suggests has to rescue someone who has been kidnapped.

Police also noted that despite several vehicles passing through I-459 that night there weren’t actually any 911 calls other than Russell’s made about the fictional child. Cops say there was no evidence of a child ever having been reported on the highway that night. They are unable to verify this part of the claim.

This is where the story gets murky and according to police is also where they are unable to verify these things ever happened.

According to statements made by Russell, she told the cops that when she had stopped to check on the supposed child there was a man not far off in the shadows. That man allegedly emerged from said shadows as she arrived claiming he was checking on the child — that was until she says he forced her over a fence and into a nearby car.

The same statement claims that Russell told cops she woke up in an unknown location; was blindfolded, undressed, and that both a man and a woman had taken inappropriate photographs of her. Notably, she told police that her attackers refused to tie her up because they didn’t want to leave marks on her wrists or body.

From there Carlee told police elsewhere that when she was taken she managed to escape while they were at a house in the West Hoover area. Russell told cops that she was taken to the home where she believed the inappropriate photos had been taken of her — where the same woman also fed her cheese crackers and played in her hair.

But then she escaped. Russell’s statement to cops adds that she escaped through a nearby wooded area in an effort to get home. When she did show up — she had a small tear on her lip and tear in her shirt. There was more than $100 present stuffed into one of her socks.

Security footage in 4k paints a very different story than what Russell reportedly told police

According to police, they pretty much know what happened from the time she left work. Cops note that after she left she was seen on surveillance footage leaving holding a bathrobe; a roll of toilet paper, and other common items that she was trying to intentionally conceal.

Cops continue to stress that they have not yet found any evidence of a crime despite the questions surrounding Russell’s disappearance.

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