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Death toll in Gaza surpasses 25,000 as Israel’s Netanyahu doubles down that there will be no Palestinian state when the war is over

With no end in sight in Gaza, the death toll according to official numbers has now passed 25,000 according to several reports. It comes just days after Israel ‘s Benjamin Netanyahu made comments that suggested he does not support a Palestinian state and that Israel will assume control of the strip.

The Lowdown

Continued heartbreaking news in Gaza this weekend as updated death toll numbers have been revealed. According to Huff Post, the death toll has now surpassed 25,000 people with instances including completely innocent Palestinians killed by Israel. The news also comes amid reports that Israel has been caught bulldozing over the graves of murdered Gazans triggering international condemnation.

Officially (that is known so far) 25,105 Palestinians have shockingly been killed in Gaza, while another 62,681 have been violently wounded, the Health Ministry reported Sunday. Many Gazans who have managed to stay alive so far have no where to go as Israel continues its relentless bloodbath in the region.

Unofficially, the death toll may be quite higher as it is understood that some deceased may still be buried under mountains of rubble and destroyed infrastructures throughout the besieged strip.

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