5 things you should know right now about the escalating conflict in Israel

Good Morning everyone and welcome to this edition of The Minute. Every morning, we’re going to publish a special edition of The Minute regarding the Israeli-Hamas war to ensure everyone remains updated.

  1. Hamas is now threatening to kill hostages every time an unannounced Israeli air strike takes place.

Hamas is now threatening to kill Israeli hostages and others every single time airstrikes take place within Palestine that go unannounced. The group claims that they will do so by broadcasting of audio and video in retaliation for any deaths of Palestinian people.

2. Israeli officials are ready to commit war crimes following orders by the government to place Gaza under ‘siege’

3. Following backlash, European Union officials will not pause aid payments to Palestine after all.

Over the weekend, comments from an EU official sparked international backlash after they appeared to falsely suggest that humanitarian aid and other similar aid to Palestine would be halted amid the war. The decision has since been reversed and EU has made it clear they will get the help they need.

4. A shocking raid in a small farming community has turned up more than 108 known victims of the war.

Search and rescue teams in the small farming community of Be’eri discovered some 108+ bodies after a huge standoff with Hamas finally ended overnight. The search effort remains underway into the morning and it is unclear how many bodies are actually in the area.

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