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Report: Israel floating potential ceasefire plan that may result in the safe passage of Hamas terrorists out of Gaza

A new report out today paints a much different picture of talks behind the scenes in the ongoing Israeli-Hamas war. Talks that appear to suggest talks of a ceasefire may be ongoing, though, many may not like the contents of said talks according to a shocking report by CNN.

The Lowdown

According to a report by CNN, at least twice in recent weeks a new ceasefire plan has been floated by Israel that would allow Hamas terrorists a safe passage out of Gaza amid the ongoing war. The plan would allow them to leave, although, Israel would still reportedly track them down overseas but it isn’t clear how successful that would be.

The proposal comes as Israel has failed to secure the release of any of the remaining hostages in Gaza all of which Hamas has said will remain in captivity.

Hamas terrorists and its leaders are known to live in countries like Qatar and Beirut where they may be cozy and in bed with local authorities.

Israel has largely failed to kill mostly any of Hamas most senior leaders as they’ve either managed to conceal themselves inside Gaza, or, are believed not to be in the territory at all following the deadly 7 October attacks that took place that ignited the war to begin with.

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