The Minute: Jordan clinches GOP nomination, Israel orders mass evacuation ahead of strikes, plus the latest on the Israeli-Hamas war

Welcome to this edition of The Minute.

1. Republican Jim Jordan has clinched the nomination to be the next Speaker of the House.

But with doing so now comes the uphill battle of securing enough support. According to reports, Jordan is suffering in the support department as a number of GOPers have made it clear they won’t lay down their votes. Jordan’s ascension came following Scalise’s rather quick downfall.

2. Israel has ordered a mass evacuation of the south part of the Gaza Strip.

Ahead of expected heavy air strikes, Israeli officials have warned more than 1.1m people to get out now. Residents were told to flee the area in an effort to prevent civilian death. It comes after Israeli had previously cut off basic supplies to the area in response to the fallout from the Hamas attacks.

3. The latest on the Israeli-Hamas war.

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