5 things to know this morning about the ongoing conflict in Israel as world rallies for innocent victims lost to war

Monday ‘s edition of ‘The Minute’ is all about Israel and Hamas. Our hearts go out to those affected by and in the midst of the war. Hang in there as long as you can folks.

  1. Israeli security officials confirmed on Monday morning that more than 260 bodies have been recovered from the now infamous music festival savagely overrun by Hamas.

2. The death toll in the attacks has risen to more than 1,100 people and that is expected to keep growing. It is unknown at this time exactly how large the death toll actually is. This is the first time Israel has gone to war since about 1973.

3. America has voiced its ongoing support for Israel and promised aid among other things.

4. Some reports suggest that somehow Hamas managed to overrun Israel ‘s security defences and did so without detection. It is not clear how this happened but a major ongoing investigation into the shock development is underway.

5. Reports out overnight suggest that Hamas has taken upwards of 100 or more Israeli hostages.

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