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Good evening everyone Monday finally decided to take a bow. Let’s get into today’s biggest stories both interesting and some not so interesting. Just a heads up, this newsletter contains information about a missing girl who disappeared from a campground in New York. If you see this young girl she is believed to be in imminent danger. Call the police.

  1. A new marijuana bill is moving through the Senate as more Americans than ever before are turning to weed to ease their everyday life.

Marijuana businesses across the United States may soon get some much needed relief. According to a new Senate bill, a piece of legislation seeking to make it far less difficult for weed stores to get banking services is making its way through the chamber. The bill seeks to remove the many barriers that existed resulting in the industry largely being a cash-only affair.

2. Freshman rep Jasmine Crockett had some words for Matt Gaetz and his efforts to oust Kevin McCarthy


According to reports, a young girl in New York vanished from a campground in upstate and has not been seen since. The young girl identified as Charlotte Sena is believed to be in imminent danger and a manhunt to find her is underway. Sena was last seen bicycling inside Moreau Lake state park, about 35 miles (60km) north of Albany. Reports indicate that police believe she may have been abducted.

4. Donald Trump ‘s fraud trial in New York has begun, catch up below.

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