NYC is sending its homeless population upstate to make way for even more illegal migrants as the city’s shelter system is overwhelmed beyond imaginable belief

Amid reports of growing violence in the shelter system; migrants abusing their girlfriends, migrants sleeping on the floor of the Roosevelt Hotel, and continuing to arrive by the numbers… New York City is ready to kick out locals for more of them.

According to reports, city officials have expanded the use of what is known as the CITYFHEPS voucher. The voucher as of next week will be allowed to be used anywhere in New York rather than just New York City and the 5 boroughs. The program helps eligible people and families afford the often astronomical rent prices no matter what borough you’re actually in.

New Yorkers are now being asked to take their vouchers and move to make way for the illegal migrants and legitimate asylum seekers. The changes take flight next week and yes this means that shelter residents and low-income New Yorkers are now free to take their voucher anywhere within the boundaries of New York.

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