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A serious note about NYC’s corrupt MTA subway system ahead of the agency’s desperate congestion pricing cash grab

With the arrival of NYC’s congestion pricing coming — we want to talk to our readers about something serious and something that has been on our mind for a while.

The Lowdown

As New York City approaches congestion pricing please exercise caution using your credit or debit card at an MTA vending kiosk. Despite what the MTA tells you or lies about on the television to get more money from Albany — their systems along with the subway itself are crumbling at the hands of their own corruption.

We say this because in the past year, we’ve had to dispute numerous charges from the MTA on our company card because they stole money from us and then refused to allow us to board the train. We are calling attention to this because in a few short weeks NYC will begin charging drivers to enter Manhattan.

Thereby forcing thousands more onto the corrupt system that more often than not service kiosks and the swipe mechanisms fail.

Please keep in mind you cannot get a refund from the MTA. You must go through your bank. Exercise caution because they are broke and likely will fight you over the very money they stole from you and then refused to give back even if their systems fail trying to board.

Best Advice: Go to the drug store and get an Omny card if you have issues.

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