A daycare worker in New York City has been charged with murder after a tot on her watch overdosed on fentanyl

A Bronx daycare worker is going to jail on murder charges following the discovery by the NYPD that a child in her care died of a fentanyl overdose. Reports say that at least one other person has also been arrested in the heartbreaking crime.

The shocking case of an infant tot overdosing on fentanyl in New York City just keeps getting worse. According to reports, the New York City Police Department has identified the suspects involved as Grei Mendez. Investigators also booked Carlisto Acevedo Brito. The duo was arrested the day prior after Nicholas Dominici, 1, began showing signs that he may have been poisoned by an opioid. He died at a nearby hospital hours after the initial suspicion.

The charges include depraved indifference murder and drug charges in relation to the fatal incident, child endangerment charges, and separate assault charges.

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