Prosecutors are trying to hand down by far the longest sentence yet against the Proud Boys guilty of seditious conspiracy

Members of the Proud Boys currently facing down the barrel of seditious conspiracy cases against them — are about to learn the hard way during sentencing. According to reports, prosecutors are asking for 27 to 33 years in prison for their role in the J6 terrorist attacks on the U.S Capitol at the hands of Donald Trump and his supporters.

Back in May, Enrique Tarrio, Joseph Biggs, Ethan Nordean and Zachary Rehl were all found guilty of seditious conspiracy after a months-long trial that had originally begun in February. Federal Prosecutors are seeking in total 33 years in federal prison for Tarrio and Biggs, 30 years for Rehl, 27 years for Nordean and 20 years for Pezzola. According to the case, sentencing is set to begin the week of 28 August.

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