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Wild tale of Kaitlin Armstrong just got weirder as court docs reveal how the feds managed to lure infamous love-triangle killer into her own arrest

Infamous love-triangle killer Kaitlin Armstrong apparently wasn’t so smart after all in the end. According to a new report, arrest details on her infamous bust in Costa Rica have surfaced.

The Lowdown

According to new records in the case, U.S marshals captured Armstrong in Coasta Rica after tricking her into replying to an ad that was looking for a yoga teacher at the time. Armstrong during the onset of the case and investigation was quickly known to have abused plastic surgery to evade detection by the authorities. In the same documents, it was revealed that cops found her at a hostel in the city of Santa Teresa Costa Rica. From there they reportedly managed to trick her into a meeting at a local hostel after posting a phony yoga ad in a Facebook group.

Armstrong is now serving a year prison sentence for the scandalous headline-grabbing murder of cyclist Moriah Wilson who had been in a relationship with her boyfriend at the same time as Armstrong.

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