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There’s a hostage situation unfolding in Texas, here are the details you need to know right now


What’s happening: Hostage situation underway at a local Synagogue in the area. It appears the unknown gunman may be related to a terrorist that is locked up in New York. Her name is reportedly  Aafia Siddiqui, who is currently imprisoned on an 86 year sentence for attempting to mass-murder military officers back in the day.


Aafia Siddiqui is a Pakistani born neuroscientist who a few years ago in New York State was convicted of multiple felonies in relation to murder. At the time she had attempted to kill U.S military officials and police officers a police station/military based in a city called Ghazni as the story allegedly goes. Though it’s worth noting she denies all charges but remains imprisoned. There have been numerous attempts to free her by activists and Afghan nationals.


According to police forces and FBI officials in Colleyville, a stunning hostage situation is underway at a synagogue today after a gunman hijacked a Zoom live stream in the building and instead broadcasted taking them hostage. Initially unclear as to why it happened, CNN reports, that it now appears to be over the imprisonment of the gunman’s family members.

The situation remains ongoing according to local police at this time.

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