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The juror who appeared to have lied on the jury in Ghislaine Maxwell ‘s trial will “Take the 5th”

That’s because he is still mum against allegations that he allegedly lied about his own past being a survivor of child sex abuse while sitting on the very jury for a real life pimp.

“I write to inform the Court that Juror 50 will invoke his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination at the hearing,” a letter to the court from his legal counsel says according to multiple reports including one from CNN.

The juror is actually this infamous guy apparently named Scotty David. In a previous Reuters interview, Scotty told the outlet at the time just moments after the original verdict that he had actually been a victim of child sex abuse. This became a quick problem at the time because the jury questionnaire actually asked point blank had anyone been a victim of such and would it impair their abilities to remain impartial. It is understood though disputed that the juror dishonestly answered this question.

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