Horror: Hollywood nepo baby Sam Haskell Jr allegedly paid workers ‘$500 to move soggy bags ‘that allegedly contained body parts as wife and fam remain missing

Sam Haskell Jr son of former Hollywood super agent Sam Haskell ‘s horrors allegedly are far darker than originally thought. Earlier this week, Haskell was arrested in California after an investigation into the discovery of a torso near his home in a dumpster.

ABC 7 reports that the case has taken a new turn after workers claimed that they were hired to ‘move body parts.’ A number of workers claimed to the network that the alleged killer told them to move bags that ‘they could tell were not rocks.’

WARNING: The security footage has made its way online. You can see it here but you have been warned it is rather unsettling.

In case it couldn’t get any darker, it does. The Daily Beast further reveals that initially Haskell tried to pass the bagged body parts off as Halloween props. Having tricked the laborers, they returned the bags he had attempted to get them to move.

His wife Mei and her family remain missing/unaccounted for.

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