Donald Trump has been indicted on federal charges over his efforts to overthrow 2020 election results

Former US President Donald Trump who is accused and charged of numerous crimes — has been charged once more. Trump is accused of attempting to overthrow the U.S. via its election.

The newest charge(s) against Trump are perhaps his most serious yet. These charges illustrate a Trump who went to extraordinary lengths to remain in power amid accusations that he had been abusing his power. Trump on his part maintains that he still has done nothing wrong despite the mounting evidence against him.

These charges represent the gravest of those Trump is actually accused of because they illustrate how Trump publicly claimed to be a law-and-order President, but, continues to operate as if he is above the law in some way.


Where it went criminal for the disgraced President

Following his loss to Joe Biden in 2020, Trump attempted to subvert America’s election process. By doing so, Trump knowingly and abrasively neglected his constitutionally mandated duties. In the weeks following his efforts to intimidate and harass election and state officials — 6 January 2021 became a symbol of Trump’s stain on America.

His efforts helped lead and inspire his often hyper-religious followers to organize and attempt to storm the US Capitol. It became later known as an insurrection after numerous people were hurt; items were stolen from offices, and his repeated efforts to downplsy the day as a peaceful protest.

Here are the four federal charges that are listed:

1. Obstruction of a formal proceeding

2. An attempt to defraud the United States

3. Obstruction of and an attempt to obstruct an official proceeding

4. Obstruction of rights

According to the indictment, there are at least 6 unnamed co-defendants and two more. The latter having been identified as a lawyer and another as a Justice Department official.

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