Report: Trump to be charged with racketeering for his efforts to attempt to interfere in GA election process

Donald Trump appears to be poised for his fourth indictment. According to reports, it is widely expected that racketeering charges are to be announced.

The Guardian reports that Fulton County DA Fani Willis has reportedly gathered enough evidence to bring about an extensive and detailed racketeering case against Trump. Charges are expected to be announced by the first two weeks of August.

Sources confirmed to the paper that Willis’s office has enough evidence in one area to bring witness tampering and unlawful computer trespassing allegations against Trump. Willis had previously indicated her office was exploring such charges, however, it is not clear to what extent these charges would have an effect in stopping Donald Trump in his tracks.

Let’s talk about the charges.

First up, Willis’s office will have to prove in essence that there was an ‘enterprise’ at play with the intent to commit criminal acts. This means that they must show a pattern of racketeering activity predicated on what are qualified as crimes under state law.

Next, the computer trespassing charge. Prosecutors will have to prove that Trump and his allies used a computer or network device without authorization to interfere with a program or data. With this charge this is a reference to the reported interference that took place in Coffee County.

Prosecutors in their case cite that the voting machine interference in this county took place at the hands of a series of Trump operatives. These operatives are understood to have been paid by Sidney Powell the disgraced lawyer who went along with Trump’s election rouse.

The most shocking part of the GA case prosecutors allege that the stolen information from the machines was uploaded to a private website. That private password protected website reportedly contained troves of sensitive information swiped from the Dominion system.

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