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The New York Times is out with a damning new article,  and, it may spell even worse legal trouble for Michael Cohen and the President himself. According to the article, two sources familiar with the  Daniels’  arrangement have come forth debunking the Presidents’ claims entirely. Per the accounts,  Trump, indeed knew of the arrangement and (“even went as far as to reimburse Cohen for the payments to the tune of $470,000”).

But, here’s where it gets interesting. Initially,   as the New York Times reports, Trump denied knowing anything about the payment or any form of a reimbursement. But then, earlier this week, Rudy Guiliani took to the airwaves  totally blowing that claim out of the water after he told Fox News “Trump indeed reimbursed Cohen for the payment”.

A statement, that, has now set off a firestorm of questions because   it now appears that the President indeed was aware of the payment.   A fact, that,  indeed may mean  Donald Trump was aware that Donald Trump  violated campaign finance and election laws — which may or may not be an impeachable crime.

Trump, initially  denied the claims aboard Air Force One a while back during a press pool. At the time, he  told a reporter that it “was not  factual” that he knew anything about an “alleged payment”  and that it was not something he would talk about.     The Washington  Post notes that   although he didn’t admit it at the time, now, it appears that Trump may soon be under investigation for  election violations.

Per election  and campaign finance laws,   campaign contributions/donations are not  allowed to exceed $5,400.   When in fact,   the reimbursement and initial payment to Stormy Daniels (aka   Mrs Clifford)  amount to more than half-a-million bucks.

Trump has since come out swinging against Guiliani’s statement, claiming, that he “misspoke about the payment” and would soon get his facts straight about the matter.

Reporting by Saint Vincent La’Royse,  Kimberly  Robertson, and Jackson  Mathers from New York City.  For complaints or edit requests e-mail: [email protected]

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